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The Global Family welcomes the new driver. WIth driver coaching, data analytics, non-aero F1600 vehicles and a range of calendar options, new drivers have a place with us to to hone and refine their skills to chase that last hundredth. We are happy to walk with you from license procurement to the podium.

Global’s Driver Development Program consists of a three tier process designed to foster the steady progression of a new driver along a gradual cost model. With each tier designed to last one racing season, the process ensures a new driver is provided tangible steps along their development that work best for their current skill level and budget. The aim is to build consistency and comfortability behind the wheel, all while maximizing skill-honing experiences and minimizing up-front costs.

Tier 1: Upon joining Global’s Driver Development Program, Global is happy to walk through the license procurement process with aspiring drivers. After securing their license, the driver will compete in 3-5 Arrive and Drive events during the current season as designated by the Development Driver.

Tier 2: In the second season of the Development Program, drivers are placed in our F1600 vehicles in the Formula Race Promotions F1600 Championship. With no aero, F1600 cars help drivers focus on high-level mechanical grip techniques, all in one of the most competitive series on the East Coast.

Tier 3: Once the driver has reached suitable comfort levels and refined their mechanical grip technique, the F2000 cars come in as the last phase of development. With their aero capability, the cars offer higher pace thanks to their high levels of downforce, pushing the limits of the driver even further.


Global offers a variety of racing calendar options, ranging from a four weekend roadmap concluding at the SCCA Runoffs to a full calendar spanning multiple series.


Global offers an Arrive and Drive program for drivers looking to race for a weekend without committing to an entire season. This option is also well-suited to newer drivers looking to get comfortable behind the wheel.